Low Voltage Wiring
Low Voltage Wiring
May 31, 2018

Looking for storm and fire damage electricians in Greensboro NC? Call Welborn Electric Company. We have been working in the electrical construction industry since 1932. You can count on us to restore what has been destroyed by the storm or fire!

The rise of fire and storm damage costs

Every year, fire alone results in 455 civilian deaths, 1,518 civilian injuries and $1.5 billion in direct property damage. In the U.S, the cost of lightning strike damage to homes and businesses totals to more than $1 billion and the numbers continues to rise.

A study of home damages following a storm shows that there has been an increase of damage repairs over the last decade. Could this be the cause of increased lightning strikes or storms?

Increase of electronics a contributor

Research reveals that the number of lightning strikes to hit a home remains the same. However, there has been an increase of more big-ticket electronics in the home which contributes to an increase in the damage repair cost. How do we avoid this?

Prevention is always better

The key to preventing fire and storm damage lies in the preparation. Most homes in Greensboro and North Carolina carry more appliances for heating, cooling, cooking, and entertainment than the previous years.

A professional electrician with years of experience, such as Welborn Electric, can help design your homes electrical system to prevent fire and storm damage. Check out our blog post on 7 ways to prevent electrical fires.

When storm and fire damage occurs

Welborn Electric Company offers electrical services to residents in North Carolina. These include troubleshooting minor causes, and in some cases, testing primary lines connecting your house to the electric grid outdoors.

We do not recommend attempting to repair the damage on your own. For example, when a tree falls and takes down power lines or damages the utility box, a skilled electrician will repair the damage to your breaker box.

A certified professional can also design a system to prevent lightning and surge damage (that may also cause fires) in the future.

If you want to prevent fire or storm damage or need help in repairing existing damage, dont hesitant to give Welborn Electric a call. Just dial (336) 292-3897. Our certified electricians are readily available for emergencies. We serve Greensboro, Highpoint, Winston Salem, Asheboro and surround areas in North Carolina.